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"The thoughts of my imagination are brought to life in both the digital and physical world through art. When the limit of those artistic abilities are endless, the boundaries that confine disappear." - D. Francis

D. Francis

I Am Creative

I don't feel creativity can be defined or simplified into a category. Creativity is all-encompassing, it is a part of the individual. I use the experience of life, sound, color, ideas, stories, motion, emotion and symbols to bring my imagination to life unrestricted by the type of media or delivery necessary to reach the goal. I think creatively, therefore, I am creative.

Besides graphic design and web development, I enjoy writing. Writing allows me to extend my creativity without the restraints of the real world. I can create whatever I like, how I like and it works, Perfect! Short stories, Poetry, Deep Thoughts and Ideas all find a home within my creative mind.

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