GingerHead Book Trailer #2

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GingerHead Book Trailer #2

Creative Director / Video Edit

Author Rey N brings a gripping suspense thriller in GingerHead.

Synopsis: They’re all going to pay for their fathers’ sins…Let the games begin…” Deep in the woods, trees left uprooted from heavy rain surround an old unmarked grave, a purple ribbon tied around the victim’s neck. A vicious killer stalks the small town of Weatherpeake. When Abigail Sullivan is assigned her first homicide case, she is determined to prove her worth to the male- dominated police force. Unfortunately, her confidence falters as a single homicide escalates to a full-blown serial murder case. She soon realizes that this small town holds deadly secrets behind every white picket fence. The only clue is a journal, but can Abby believe it? The deeper she delves into its pages, the more obvious it becomes that even those closest to her cannot be trusted. Will she manage to outsmart the murderer before she becomes the next victim?